Custom Application Development:-

Although we at Proxy Technologies are well versed in a number of the cutting edge development languages available today, we believe that software development excellence should have little to do with the language utilised. Rather an in depth knowledge of data structures, development patterns and a fastidious attention to design and the user experience will always result in software that is of the highest quality.

We make use of prototyping to ensure that tangible product versions are made available to the customer as soon as possible, as we know in the real world that a customers requirements are further refined when they can actually see the product working in the real world.

We are advocates of agile methodologies and make use of these iterative approaches to allow for modification of requirements throughout the development life cycle, reducing the need for an all exhaustive requirements analysis to be conducted before the design phase can begin. Work is time-boxed and deliveries divided into multiple feature releases to ensure that testing and QA is conducted throughout the development process and not just at development completion.

We are also advocates of the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. Ensuring that unit-testing is a core and often initial consideration before any final solution code is even produced.

We strive to produce systems that are intuitive, logically elegant and customer-centric and believe that the core approaches above help to achieve this.